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After winning the "Optic of the Year Award" from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence, EOTech later introduced their military and law enforcement HWS in 2001. Since then, the HWS has been standardized by US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), FBI, DEA, State Department, US Border Patrol, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), NYPD, LAPD, Texas State Police, and many international special operations forces, just to name a few. Since 2001, L-3 EOTech has seen sales grow over 600% and appears to be continuing along the same trend in 2007. With this incredible growth comes the need for larger capacity and production capability. To supplement this need, L-3 EOTech has recently moved to a newly renovated, independent, larger facility on the south side of Ann Arbor, MI located at 1201 E. Ellsworth Rd. L-3 EOTech is the exclusive manufacturer and world leader of holographic sighting systems, and is dedicated to continually producing high quality, battle tested products for our servicemen and women. So how does the HOLOgraphic Sight measure up with the traditional Red Dot sights? The answer? There's truly no comparison. The HWS is optically, electronically, and the complete package, vastly superior. EOTech includes the 65MOA ring with a 1MOA dot (finest dot available in any optic) which provides an optimal compromise between speed and accuracy. In addition, the tubeless, heads-up display window provides an unlimited and unblocked Field of View which allows operators to maintain critical peripheral vision for engaging multiple threat situations. In general, the Red Dot style sight has been around for over 30 years with very little enhancement. The HOLOgraphic sight has been around for approximately 10 years, is state-of-the-art, and has proven to deliver a vastly superior target acquisition speed.