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GI Jewelry Long Cross Necklace

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The simplest and most common Cross is the Latin Cross, which may not have come into use until the 2nd or 3rd Century. The empty cross, (usually favored by Protestants), reminds Christians of the resurrection, while the Crucifix, with an image of Jesus upon it (favored by Catholic Churches), is a reminder of Christ's sacrifice.

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The pendants on all our necklaces are precision carved to within a few thousands of an inch, out of non-magnetic, non reactive, brite finished, 100% 304 stainless steel. Dimensions for each pendant are listed with its description. The chains are the beaded "dog tag" type, 24" long, and also made of 304 stainless steel. The back of each pendant is stamped with our Manufacturers "CAGE" Code: 3YWL0. The simplicity and clean lines of each design makes them stand out above the crowded field of otherwise gawdy castings, which are irregularly shaped and finished. These are tough, because they have to be! If you could only hold one of them in your hand and feel how solid it really more than one way, it's built to never let you down.